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Henk Post

Los siguiente medios de comunicación haber prestado atención, seguir y apoyan a este iniciativa. Muchas gracias.

13 enero 2012



20 enero 2012


24 enero 2012

Tarifa Television (minuto 15 -18)

13 de febrero



15 de febrero



22 de febrero


12 abril 2012


Algeciras portal de tu cuidad

Acción hecha. 18 enero 2012. El principio.

Sur en English (Newspaper on the Costa del Sol) Februari 2012, written by Natascha Smit

Painting the Town of Tarifa Clean.

Locals in Tarifa have taken the initiative to clean up the town. Sick at looking at the
dirty walls on the paseo and around the castle, Tarifa resident Henk Post decided to do
something about it.

Using Facebook, he rallied together a group of friends and on Tuesday, 14th of February
at eleven in the morning, they met at the castle wall with buckets of white paint, rollers
and paintbrushes. Their aim was to repaint the wall by the end of the day.

‘All of the materials have been supplied by local people,’ explains Henk. ‘This is a
real local initiative. Too many people complain about their towns but it’s too easy to
complain. Now is the time to come with some solutions. That’s what this initiative is

Before embarking on the project, Henk secured the support of Tarifa’s new mayor Juan
André Gil Garcia. Garcia’s new administration recognises that the future of Tarifa lies
in the success of its tourism industry and that’s why he is giving his full support to the

Another Tarifa resident, Carmen, has lived in the town for more than fifteen years and is
originally from Algeciras. She is happy to give her time to the project.

‘I think today is the perfect day to start the clean up of Tarifa. Today is Valentine’s Day
and by painting this wall I am showing my love of Tarifa. It costs me nothing to do this
except my time and it’s worth it. Tarifa is beautiful and it’s up to us, the people who live
here, to keep it that way. It’s time for us to give something back.’

Henk plans to extend the project to further parts of Tarifa.


Henk Post

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